All Woman Show at Kate Alkarni Gallery

Featuring Naoko Morisawa // Savina Mason // Dara Solliday // Ozden Odman // Julie Devine // Arana Wang // Robin Walker // Janet Loren Hill

Taos Sky  and  Mt. Saint Helens, Territorial View  at Kate Alkarni Gallery.

Taos Sky and Mt. Saint Helens, Territorial View at Kate Alkarni Gallery.

Getting ready for the opening.

Discovery Park - Two New Landscapes

Discovery Park, the largest of Seattle's city parks, sits on Magnolia Bluff and overlooks the Puget Sound. Discovery is only a mile from my home and studio. It is a magical place with groves of evergreen and deciduous trees, meadows, and trails. It provides me with endless source material for my paintings. 


Chaos and Landscape, 2013
Oil, 15" x 30"

Loop Trail, 2013
Oil, 30" x 15"

Galleria 360 - Colori dell'anima

A few photos of the show at Galleria 360, Florence, Italy.

Via il prato 11r,
50123 Florence, Italy


The entrance of Galleria 360, Florence, with Ravine in the window.

Asian Pear, September Sky, and Ravine at Galleria 360, Florence.

October Sky hanging in the entry of Galleria 360, Florence.

Storm Watch


When we were in Taos back in July, we spent some time in the mountains. Rainstorms would come in each afternoon. Before the rain, Eva and I would go into the woods to explore. I would photograph, and she would build forts. This is what it looked like over our heads.

Julie Devine, Storm Watch, 2013
Oil on canvas, 15" x 30" 

Louisa McElwain

The next few posts are images of work by artists whom I admire and return to for inspiration. 

Louisa McElwain, Blessing Overflowing

Joy Harjo, poet

My House is the Red Earth

My house is the red earth; it could be the center of the world. I've heard New York, Paris, or Tokyo called the center of the world, but I say it is magnificently humble. You could drive by and miss it. Radio waves can obscure it. Words cannot construct it, for there are some sounds left to sacred wordless form. For instance, that fool crow, picking through trash near the corral, understands the center of the world as greasy strips of fat. Just ask him. He doesn't have to say that the earth has turned scarlet through fierce belief, after centuries of heartbreak and laughter-he perches on the blue bowl of the sky, and laughs.