Julie Devine is an American artist. She was born and raised in California, and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1991.

Julie paints from the landscape, combining gestural brushwork and knifework into a distinctive, semi-abstract style. Her work communicates a spirited appreciation for the outdoors and for the tradition of painting, in particular the impressionist, post-impressionist, and abstract expressionist styles.

Her paintings live in international private collections and have been exhibited in the Pacific Northwest, New York, New Mexico, and Italy. Seattle’s Group Health Hospital has acquired several pieces of her work for their permanent collection.

Artist Statement

 "My work is about spiritual experience in the landscape - those moments when the soul merges with the sky, the land, and light. Imagine making art outdoors - setting up an easel; arranging a palette of oil paint; laying out brushes, knives, and towels; and securing all of these against the wind. And as you paint, the sun moves across the sky, changing the light it casts, while pieces of dirt, grass, flowers, feathers, and fur fly into your work. The painting is partly your own, but partly crafted by the elements. You are deep in it, and your work is infused with your surroundings. Painting outdoors has changed the way I paint. I have learned to favor palette knives for their speed and immediacy. Outside, among the changing conditions, I paint more quickly, confidently, and with thicker paint. The colors come more intuitively and I make more of a mess.

What I have learned from painting en plein air, I bring with me into the studio. Currently, I enjoy painting rocky landscapes and wolves. I am always trying to bring a sense of the wild into my work. Artists I am most inspired by include: Eugene Boudin (for his handling of air and light), Louisa McElwain (for painting canyon landscapes so boldly in plein air), Deborah Remington (for her pursuit of an interior landscape), and Cezanne (for his prismatic use of color)."